get naked with me

WHy Naked Yoga?

Being naked feels good. Doing yoga naked feels good. It’s pretty simple, really.

Acceptance of our bodies is so important, and yet feels radical within a culture only beginning to shed its narratives of shame. Nudity and yoga can both be very healing and grounding, independently or together. 

Personally, being naked feels amazing to me. I chill out at home this way a lot. I am blessed with many friends who create a chill environment for social nudity, too. And yoga is a deep love of mine. Getting into yoga changed and blessed my life in ways that are still unfolding. 

I would love to share these gifts with you.

My name is Sarah-Jane, and I would be honored to guide you or inspire you in your explorations of naked yoga.

Our bodies are our own, 

and we love them.

Together, on Zoom,

let’s move and breath

in community.

Naked yoga videos for your enjoyment. 

(And for mine!)

If you want to support me, this is a wonderful way.

Let’s embrace feeling good.


If social media isn’t your thing, there’s email.


Are you interested in hosting a clothes-free yoga class or retreat?

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