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WHy Naked Yoga?

Hello! My name is Sarah-Jane, and I am The Naked Yogi.

I started teaching naked yoga in 2020. During university I fell in love with yoga. It provided me the physical challenge I always craved while simultaneously introducing me to meditation, which radically changed my life for the better. I became stronger both in body and in spirit. 

I started teaching yoga naked because it is authentic to the way that I practice. I have enjoyed sleeping naked for years, and I would often roll out of bed and start stretching. When I decided to teach yoga online, it made sense to continue the practice how I had always done it. 

I had an intuition that others would find naked yoga liberating and empowering, just the same as I did. And I was absolutely right! Since I started teaching, so many people have shared stories with me about how personal nudity and social nudity have helped them reclaim their bodies, grow in confidence, and heal from body shame.

Learning to become comfortable with our bodies is only the tip of the iceberg. For me, nudity represents vulnerability and authenticity. Whereas we could suffer the loneliness of never revealing  our true selves, we can also shed the need to conform and thus open to joy, liberty, love, peace, gratitude, contentment. Together, let’s move into a future of health and healing.

Yoga and nudity beautifully compliment one another. They both encourage us to discover our true selves. My classes are inspired by hatha yoga, but I incorporate a variety of practices that I find beneficial. I believe that intuition and listening to yourself are our primary guides for self development. I am simply here to make an offering based on the tools I have gathered in my journey. I draw inspiration from meditation, mental health, Qi Gong,  spirituality, and fitness, to name a few.  

 I adventure within, witnessing and learning from my body. And I love to share what I discover. 

Blessings and peace to you, friend.


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